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The Meditation Garden

The Meditation Garden was built in “Christ St. Paul’s cemetery” on Chapel Rd. Hollywood, SC. by St. Paul’s garden club members and dedicated on April 25, 1999. This is one of our club’s ongoing garden projects. This special peaceful and beautiful garden draws cemetery visitors to reflect and rest for a moment. The cemetery is a historic place, with lovely old live oak trees, watching over family members with deep roots in the community.

Federated: 1932 

39 members

​Co-Presidents - Jess Charters

First Vice-Presidents – Connie Puckett   

Second Vice-President- Jeanne Stacy

Secretary- Dena Clair

Treasurer- Patti Dutko

Parliamentarian & Advisor – Etta June Williams, Ginny King

St Paul’s Garden Club PO Box 1287, Hollywood, SC 29449

©2017  St. Pauls Garden Club