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“THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED” ST. PAULS GARDEN CLUB INVITES YOU TO EXPLORE OUR PRIVATE COUNTRY GARDENS We invite you to spend the day with us discovering the beautiful water vistas and interesting gardens hidden in St. Paul’s Parish. Our back roads are peaceful and picturesque with lovely fenced pastures lined with ancient live oaks. Have a wonderful day exploring 9 gardens all within St. Paul’s Parish, that hold some of the most unique plants and designs around. DATE APRIL 21, 2018 TIME 10:00 AM – 3:00 P COST $20 >>DOWNLOAD TOUR INFO<< LUNCH Available for purchase for $5, but must be reserved in advance Menu Chicken Salad, served on fresh greens with tomatoes Fresh Fruit Salad Croissant Homemad

Federated: 1932 

39 members

​Co-Presidents - Jess Charters

First Vice-Presidents – Connie Puckett   

Second Vice-President- Jeanne Stacy

Secretary- Dena Clair

Treasurer- Patti Dutko

Parliamentarian & Advisor – Etta June Williams, Ginny King

St Paul’s Garden Club PO Box 1287, Hollywood, SC 29449

©2017  St. Pauls Garden Club