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President's Project - Jess Charters

President Jess Charters project was to support the new library in Hollywood to promote the importance of reading for children. The club used money earned from the last garden tour to complete this project. It was dedicated and installed at the Hollywood library today. One of the sculptures sits in a large dish that was moved from the old library, previously given to the library by our club, then the frog was recently added. It is the frog prince, a beloved figure in children's stories around the world. The other frog statue is a frog reading a book made by native Beau Smith. The sculptures are placed in the children's outdoor reading area .The club ladies dedicating the garden sculptures in the photo from left to right are: Jess Charters, Ginny King, Connie Puckett, Etta June Williams, and Dena Clair. It is a lovely inspirational little garden designed to ignite the imaginations in our all children. Special thanks to Andrew Charters for moving and securing the new sculptures.

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